Beyond its calm and tranquil appearance, Lake Geneva is sometimes subject to severe storms, violent winds and seasonal temperature variations. Here’s a closer look at the weather on Lake Geneva.

Here’s a one-page summary of the conditions on the lake in France and Switzerland: hazards, winds, temperatures and weather.

Weather on Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva weather

For a detailed weather forecast by commune, go to the page dedicated to 5-day weather forecasts.

For a global weather forecast for Lake Geneva, here’s a complete page with the main information on the lake’s weather and the surrounding area.

On the programme: weather forecasts, webcams, trends for the Lake Geneva region, current measurements, sun, moon, biometeorology (pollens, grasses, etc.), air pollution, water sports and climate:

Temperatures and currents

Would you like to know the temperature of Lake Geneva every 3 hours? The direction and strength of the currents?

Eawag aquatic research offers you an interactive map of the temperature according to depth, from 60 centimetres to 307 metres, with archives going back to 2009 so you can take a closer look at the lake, its evolution and the best place to swim 🙂

Visit the page devoted to the water weather on Lake Geneva:

Lake Geneva weather: temperatures and currents

The Swiss lakes of Biel, Zurich and Greifen are also available.

Winds in real time

More access to air currents , WindSpot offers you a precise analysis of the winds around Lake Geneva.

Orientation, direction, speed, gust, average as well as a few indications of atmospheric pressure and temperature, all enhanced by a map, a graph and a webcam that will delight windsurfing and weather enthusiasts!

Lake Geneva weather: winds

Natural hazards on Lake Geneva

Published by Switzerland’s Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology, this is the map of hazards on Lake Geneva and the country’s other lakes.

On a single map and on a scale of 1 to 5, you can find out about bad weather, natural hazards and the wind situation.

For wind, 3 stations cover Lake Geneva: small lake, large lake and high lake.
For natural hazards and bad weather, a colour chart gives you the day’s situation:

Lake Geneva weather: natural hazards


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