The Rhône is an exceptional river for pleasure boating, stretching from the Swiss border to the Mediterranean, through three regions of France and over several hundred kilometres. Here’s a closer look at the marinas on the Rhône, to make your next river trip as comfortable as possible.

navigation of the Rhône river marinas

Marinas on the Rhône

The river’s route allows yachtsmen to discover the riches of France’s heritage and explore breathtaking landscapes.

There are a number of marinas and stopping places along the Rhône, managed by the CNR (Compagnie Nationale du Rhône), the CCI (Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie), local authorities and sometimes local organisations.

These ports and marinas are located all along the river, offering easy access to the towns and areas concerned.

The advantages of marinas

Thanks to their strategic location, the river stops and marinas on the Rhône often benefit from excellent access from the main roads and sometimes even from the railway lines.

What’s more, these harbours and marinas offer facilities tailored to the needs of boaters, making their stay easier.

Finally, from Lyon, Beaucaire or Arles, for example, links with other canals, ports and rivers enable yachtsmen to sail to other regions of France, to rivers leading to Europe, and to the Mediterranean coast (canal du Rhône à Sète, canal d’Arles à Bouc) or the Atlantic (Canal du Midi).

Business opportunities in the ports

Rhône marinas offer a variety of activities to suit all tastes.

These include boat competitions (rowing, jousting, sailing or motoring), nautical festivals and themed cruises on the river. These events and activities attract thousands of visitors every year.

Each port also offers a range of sporting and cultural activities to suit all ages and interests: parks and nature reserves, greenways, museums, historic sites, etc.

Chanaz marina, photo Free Nomad
Chanaz marina, Haut-Rhône

The Rhône River is accessible along most of its course, but there are some non-navigable or low-gauge waterways on the upper Rhône, in its delta and on the canals leading off from it.

To navigate on the Rhône, it is important to find out before you set off about :

  • accessibility, depending on the size of your boat
  • toll and lock charges
  • booking arrangements at rest stops and marinas
  • reception, opening and transit times
  • navigation conditions (weather, flooding*, roadworks…).

It is also advisable to consult a tourist map of the Rhône and the river signs to ensure safe navigation.

Marina services and facilities

The marinas on the Rhône offer a wide range of services and facilities.

These include

  • secure moorings
  • sanitary facilities,water supply and access toelectricity
  • refuelling services
  • touristinformation offices and information points
  • nearby shops to meet all the needs of boaters.

Maps of marinas on the Rhône

And to make your future boating trip easier, here are a few maps of river stops and marinas. They complement the digital and paper versions of the navigation maps of the Rhône river.

Map of stops and harbours from Lyon to the Mediterranean

  • Towns and kilometre points (PK) :
Map of Rhône River marinas
Source: Port2Plaisance
Stopovers and marinas on the Rhône River
  • Detailed interactive map: ports, stopping places, locks and dams along the Rhône:

List of marinas on the Rhône

Here is a non-exhaustive list of some of the marinas and stopping places along the Rhône:

  • Lyon-Confluence marina
  • Les Roches-Condrieu marina
  • Tournon-sur-Rhône marina
  • Épervière marina in Valence
  • Beaucaire marina
  • Bellegarde marina
  • River stopover atArles
  • Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône marina

The Rhône is an essential waterway for pleasure boating, offering unique opportunities for discovery and adventure. Its modern, well-equipped ports allow you to take full advantage of the cultural and natural treasures offered by this majestic river.

In addition to its hydroelectric uses and industrial ports, pleasure boating on the Rhône is a booming economic and tourist asset.

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