The Communauté de communes de l’Est lyonnais (CCEL ) is an intercommunal body comprising 8 municipalities covering an area of 141 km2 with a population of around 41,700.

The Communauté de communes de l’Est Lyonnais?

The Communauté de communes de l’Est Lyonnais, or CCEL for short, was set up in 1994 with the main aim of promoting the economic, social and environmental development of its member municipalities. It is located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, to the east of the Lyon metropolitan area, in the Rhône department, bordering on the Isère department.

Since its creation, it has evolved to meet the growing needs of the population and adapt to the challenges of the region.

The member municipalities

The Communauté de communes de l’Est Lyonnais now comprises 8 municipalities:

Colombier-Saugnieu, Jons, Pusignan, Saint-Bonnet-de-Mure, Saint-Laurent-de-Mure, Saint-Pierre-de-Chandieu, Toussieu and Genas, the headquarters of the CCEL.

These municipalities share a common vision of territorial development and benefit from a collective dynamic thanks to their membership of the CCEL.

Map of the Est Lyonnais Community of municipalities

Map showing the location of the municipalities in the CCEL:

Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport is located in Colombier-Saugnieu, along with Pusignan, Genas and Saint-Laurent-de-Mure.

The remit of the CCEL

The Communauté de Communes de l’Est Lyonnais covers a wide range of areas*, including

  • Town and country planning: the CCEL manages town and country planning and urban development projects to enhance the attractiveness of the area.
  • Economic development: it supports local businesses and encourages the creation and maintenance of jobs.
  • Environmental protection: it takes action to preserve biodiversity, combat invasive species and develop renewable energies.
  • Waste treatment: it collects and treats household waste and encourages waste reduction at source.
  • Urban transport: it organises and finances public transport within its area.

Current and future projects

The CCEL‘s current and future projects include the development of business parks, new residential areas and cycle paths. A number of large-scale projects are currently underway, including the development of an eco-district in Genas and the roll-out of electric charging points throughout the area.

Achievements in terms of transport and roads

The CCEL has enabled the introduction of innovative mobility solutions, such as the development of express bus lines and the creation of cycling facilities. It is also working on extending the public transport network and is striving to improve the quality of the roads to make travelling easier.

Airport of Saint Exupery, community of communes of Est-Lyonnais

Key players in the Communauté de communes de l’Est Lyonnais

The CCEL ‘s operations and governance are based on a number of bodies: the Community Council, made up of elected representatives from each member municipalities, the Community Office, which is responsible for preparing the Council’s decisions, and the various thematic commissions (regional planning, environment, etc.).
The current President is Paul Vidal, who will be re-elected in 2020.

Issues and challenges facing the CCEL

The Communauté de communes de l’Est Lyonnais faces a number of major challenges for the future: ensuring sustainable economic development, promoting social cohesion between its member municipalities, preserving the environment and improving the quality of life of its residents. To meet these challenges, it is relying on innovation, dialogue with local players and participative governance.

Impact on the local population

The CCEL has a direct impact on the daily lives of the residents of its member municipalities. It contributes to the improvement of public services (transport, waste), supports local associations and participates in the development of sports and cultural infrastructures. The actions undertaken by the communauté de communes de l’Est Lyonnais aim to create a harmonious and attractive living environment for all.

ZAC Everest Parc : communauté de communes de l'Est Lyonnais
ZAC Everest Business Park in Genas

Communauté de communes de l’Est Lyonnais website

Official website of the CCEL, divided into themes: presentation, competences, public contracts, deliberations and decisions, contacts.

communauté de communes de l'Est Lyonnais

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