The Communauté de communes du Genevois in France is composed of 17 municipalities in the department of Haute-Savoie. It is located south of Geneva in Switzerland, close to the Rhône River.

Focus on the Genevois community of municipalities

With a population of approximately 48,000 inhabitants over an area of 152 km2, its density is 319 inhabitants per square kilometre. It is called in simplified acronym CC du Genevois.

Community of communes of the Genevois
Simplified map (source: CC Genevois)

The municipalities that make up the Genevois community are

  • Archamps, seat of the community of municipalities (website french)
  • Beaumont
  • Bossey
  • Chênex
  • Chevrier
  • Collonges-sous-Salève
  • Dingy-en-Vuache
  • Feigères
  • Jonzier-Epagny
  • Neydens
  • Présilly
  • Saint-Julien-en-Genevois (website french)
  • Savigny
  • Valleiry (Page Facebook french)
  • To
  • Viry
  • Vulbens (website french)
Community of communes of the Genevois: View of Lake Geneva
View of Lake Geneva on the French Genevan side

Map of the Genevois community of municipalities

To situate and locate the Genevois along the Rhône, here is the interactive map:

The community

Its head office is located in the municipality of Archamps, at 38 rue Georges de Mestral.

Below is the location map and a possible itinerary to the latter:

You can contact the local authority switchboard directly on 04 50 95 92 60.

Community of communes of the Genevois logo
Official logo of the community

The website

On the practical and online side, the Genevois community of municipalities offers you an internet portal with numerous information sections.

Three main sections to find what you are looking for:

  • The community and the territory
  • Practical life and services
  • Business and innovation

In addition, there are areas accessible at the click of a button for your daily needs and other practical information, such as

  • The tramway and school transport
  • The access card to the waste disposal centre
  • Drinking water distribution and sanitation
  • Information on current and future works
  • Administrative acts and minutes
  • Information on your rights
  • Reception of children

Direct access to the official website of the Genevois community (French):

Map of public services

Another practical tool is the map of services on the territory to locate what you need, classified by theme:
Land registry, Administration, Waste, Economy and employment, Education, Active modes, Early childhood, Health and social, Society and leisure, Transport.

Interactive map: Community of communes of the Genevois
Screenshot : interactive map of the community

Direct access to the interactive map of the community’s public services (French):

The tourist office

Associated with the Annemasse agglomeration and the Cruseilles region, the Genevois community of municipalities is part of the Monts du Genève.

You can discover the tourist offer directly on the dedicated website:

Monts de Genève tourist office


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