From canoe to barge to sailing boat, the Rhône river tourism map is a must-have for all river travellers.

Maps of the Rhône waterways

The power of the Rhône and the extent of its development make it a navigable river from the Mediterranean to the Rhine.

Discover the gauges of the Rhône, the Saône and the canals on the river, the marinas, the points of sale for navigation tickets and all the tourist attractions (museums, works of art) to be discovered along the Rhône valley.

Several maps are available online, to download or order, to help you discover the navigable Rhone network, with tourist information to help you explore the valley and practical links for your journey.

Map of river tourism on the Rhône

The public body Voies Navigables de France (VNF) has produced a river tourism map of all the navigable waterways in France. Here is an extract for the Rhône and Saône valleys.

This map is part of an initiative to develop tourism on rivers and canals, with a national vision of pleasure boating. It takes the form of a map of the navigable waterways of France (VNF), including the Rhône, the Saône and the link to the south via the Rhône-Sète canal:

Map of river tourism on the Rhône
Rhône Valley / Source VNF

Legend for the waterways map

Map of river tourism on the Rhône : legend
Legend for the VNF map

Map of anchorages in France

Also produced by VNF, the map of anchorages* on the Rhône and connected waterways:

Rhone river anchorages
Map of anchorages in the Rhône valley / VNF

Legend for the map of anchorages on the Rhône river

Rhone river anchorages : legend
Legend for the map of anchorages / VNF
Navigation rectangle: river navigation on the Rhône
Navigation rectangle / VNF

The Rhône river on mobile

Would you like to consult a guide during your trip? Here’s the ideal tool for relaxed river tourism on the Rhône.

Rhône River Guide and NAVI

What about navigating from your connected phone? On the Rhône, on France’s navigable rivers and canals, stay informed with Voies Navigables de France.

The VNF river guide for the Rhône river section includes the Petit Rhône, the Barcarin canal, the Saint-Louis canal, the Rhône à Sète canal and the Etang de Thau (towards the Canal du Midi).

The Navi mobile application, distributed free of charge by Voies navigables de France (VNF), offers you a complete solution for navigating the Rhône river from your boat.

On the menu: real-time data (inland navigation, lock closures, moorings, flows, clearances, flooding, etc.), geolocation for your river travels, offline operation and much more.

To find out more about Navi, consult the practical guide or download the application, go to the dedicated page:

Lien web

Other maps of the Rhône valley

Looking for other maps and geographical information?

Towns and villages crossed by the river, Lake Geneva, dams along the valley…

Visit the page dedicated to maps of the Rhône valley, the river and its basin:

tourisme fluvial sur le Rhône

The navigable Rhône river on the web

Looking for a river itinerary between the Saône and the Rhône-Mediterranean or information for your holiday?

Route planner, weather, hydrology, RNPC alerts and news on the programme and online.

River route planner

Here’s everything you need to plan your trip on the Rhône river, from your computer on land or on the water with your smartphone, with the river route planner.

Itinerary calculation: river tourism on the Rhône

The Voies navigables de France (VNF) river route calculator lets you generate a map of your route: distance from port to port, locks, navigation times and other practical information.

To make your own, go to the VNF website and select your point of departure and arrival as well as the options required to launch the calculation.

Calcul d'itinéraire : tourisme fluvial sur le Rhône

InfoRhône for navigation

InfoRhône keeps you informed, live and by map, of the weather, water levels at different locations, roadworks and alerts concerning navigation restrictions during periods of flooding (RNPC).

River tourism on video

Published by the Compagnie National du Rhône (CNR), a one-minute video on the theme of river tourism on the Rhône:

Maps for navigating the Rhône

To make navigating the Rhône easier, here are a few interactive, thematic maps, based on information gathered from Wikipedia, VNF and CNR:

Map of marinas and industrial harbours

Other maps of the Rhône

The river, Lake Geneva, the Carmargue, river tourism in the valley and other Rhône maps:

Waterways in France

And to find out more about France’s canals and rivers (French), visit Webzine Voyage :

Along the Rhône

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