How would you like to pin a spectacular 16.4 kilometre ascent to the Rhone Glacier on your map?
The Furka Pass deserves its reputation and offers lovers of the great outdoors a truly intense experience.

The Furka Pass: A spectacular climb in the Swiss Alps

With a high point of 2,429 metres and a positive altitude difference of 1,065 metres, this Alpine pass is both challenging and satisfying. Dive with us into the heart of the Valais to discover all the riches that the Furka Pass has to offer!

Introduction to the Furka Pass

The Furka Pass is a pass in the Swiss Alps that connects Oberwald in the Rhone Valley to Andermatt in the Reuss Valley. It is located in Switzerland, in the canton of Valais.

It is close to the Furkastock peak at 2,664 metres above sea level, between the Uri and Lepontine Alps, in the heart of the Gotthard massif.

The length of the route from Oberwald to Andermatt is over 16 kilometres with an average gradient of 6.5% and peaks of 13.2%. The highest point on the route is at 2429 metres.

The route allows the passage, weather permitting, between the cantons of Valais and Uri.

Furka Pass, Swiss Alpes

Highlights of the Furka Pass

The Furka Pass offers breathtaking scenery and several activities and attractions along the way.
These include magnificent views of the Alpine peaks and surrounding glacial lakes, the Rhône Glacier lookout and the Sidelenbach waterfall.

Panoramic views and scenery

Crossing the pass, you can see some of the most beautiful natural sites in Switzerland, including glaciers and snow-capped mountains that are perfect for hiking in summer and skiing or snowshoeing in winter.
The small resort of Gletsch and its valley where the Rhone River springs up can also be seen from here.

Activities and attractions nearby

There are also various activities that can be enjoyed around the Furka Pass:

  • Horseback riding or cycling in the mountains
  • Hiking to the Rhone Glacier (see map)
  • Climbing at various sites in the vicinity
  • Skiing and alpine activities
  • Water rafting on the Reuss river

There is no shortage of choice, no shortage of possibilities, something for all tastes and ages!

Accommodation and restoration

In order for visitors to fully enjoy the many possibilities offered by this exceptionally varied site, there are several places to eat and sleep during your stay: hotels, pensions, chalets, local restaurants…
All these places offer tasty cuisine typical of the Swiss Alps and a warm welcome in all seasons.

Furka Belvedere Hotel, Swiss Alps

How to get to the Furka Pass

In order to reach the Furka Pass from Oberwald or Andermatt, there are several possible solutions depending on the mode of transport chosen by the visitor.

  • Location of the Furka Pass:

Public transport

There is a direct bus connection from the Oberwald train station to Gletsch, which is very convenient for those who want to reach the pass by public transport.
Alternatively, there are also train connections from nearby railway stations such as Brig or Andermatt.

Car and bike

The Furka Pass can be reached from Oberwald by car in about 20 minutes.
There are plenty of car parks along the way, where you can stop and enjoy the scenery and views along the road and its bends.

Cyclists can also cycle across the pass as the road is fairly flat, although it is challenging due to the steep gradient between the high and low points of the route.
Depending on your pace and training, it takes one to two hours to reach the top of the pass by bike.

Other means of transport

There is a car shuttle piggyback train+car connection from Oberwald in the Valais to Realp in Uri passing under the Furka Pass.
For more information, see the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn information page.

Furka Pass Road, Swiss Alps

The Furka Pass offers a unique and spectacular experience at the gateway to the great Swiss Alps.
Whether you come by car, bike or public transport, you will find beautiful scenery and a variety of activities to delight young and old alike!

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