How about a double railway adventure that takes you through the Swiss mountains?
The Furka Pass and Base Tunnel are the perfect place to do this!

Realp station and Reuss Valley

The Furka Base Tunnel is a 15-kilometre-long underground electrified railway line that connects Oberwald and Oberwald.
However, in summer, another rail route is possible via the Furka summit. The choice is yours!

Once you have entered this impressive tunnel, your journey begins from the Rhone Valley to the Reuss Valley* and promises picturesque landscapes, historic tunnels and lakes reflected on the icy walls.

In the beginning, a railway line over the Furka Pass

The “Furka Mountain Railway by steam train”, Dampfbahn Furka-Bergstrecke AG, formerly known as the Oberwald Bahn, crosses the Furka Pass from Oberwald to Realp.

History of the railway line

The construction of the railway project from Gletsch to Disentis began in the 1910s, but it was not opened to the public until 1936, with a rack and pinion railway over the Furka summit.

The initial route comprised 11 stations, including the Furka station at an altitude of 2,160 metres, 5 tunnels, 8 bridges and a viaduct. The trains were pulled by steam locomotives, before electrification in 1942.

This line is characterised by its exposure to difficult winter weather conditions: risk of avalanches, frost, snowstorms forcing recurrent seasonal closures.

Due to the costs associated with maintaining the services, a tunnel project was launched in the 1970s, with an inauguration in 1982, the year the summit railway line was closed.

The revival of the summit train

After a complete dismantling, which was avoided thanks to a group of enthusiasts who formed an association(Verein Furka-Bergstrecke), the Furka-Bergstrecke Railway Company (DFB) was transformed into a non-profit company.

Since 1992, the DFB has been renovating and operating the line section by section. The Furka rack-and-pinion railway is now a tourist route through one of the peaks of the Swiss Alps between the Rhone and Rhine.

The Furka Mountain Railway uses the same route as in the original and runs for 18 kilometres between Realp and Oberwald through the 6 km rack railway long Furka Pass tunnel through the spectacular Alpine landscape.

The line consists mainly of a single fine ramp with an ascending gradient that rises to 118 ‰ and requires additional traction provided by rack-and-pinion machines specially designed to navigate this section.

The trains that run on this section are conventional locotractors with a panoramic compartment that has a transparent roof offering passengers a panoramic view of the Alpine landscape.

Train à vapeur du col de la Furka

Furka base tunnel

Built from the 1970s onwards with prohibitive delays and costs, the Furka base tunnel was opened in 1982.

Using piggyback transport (car shuttling), it allows vehicles to travel between Oberwald and Realp under the Leckihorn summit, with traffic possible all year round, even in winter.

The dimensions of the new tunnel are adapted to the needs of trucks, allowing faster and safer goods transport without seasonal breaks.

The car transport service

Operated by the Matterhorn-Gotthard Bahn (MGB), the tunnel offers passengers a pleasant and comfortable journey. Cars can be loaded directly onto the train, making it a very convenient experience to travel from the canton of Valais to the canton of Uri towards the central Alps.

The train timetable may vary depending on the weather conditions in the Furka tunnel section. Fares depend on the type and number of people and vehicles involved in the journey.

The Matterhorn-Gotthard Bahn network

In addition to the Furka base tunnel, the MGB* network extends over 144 kilometres between the Rhone and Rhine valleys.

Map of the MGB network

The Furka train, car shuttle,

Furka Pass and tunnel

Which routes to choose?

Although the two valleys are connected, the comparison is not necessarily relevant, but both routes are worth doing for those who enjoy railway experiences.

The beauty of the summit route is undeniable, as much for the view of the Alpine peaks as for its engineering structures, tunnel, bridges and viaduct. However, it can only be used outside the winter season.

The Furka base tunnel, on the other hand, allows you to cross in all seasons and takes much less time, with the possibility of transporting your vehicle.

Travel times

Travel times vary considerably depending on the route chosen. The total travel time using the summit route is directly related to the speed of the train, which cannot exceed 28 km/h at its fastest.
The journey time between Realp and Oberwald via the mountain route is between 1.5 and 2.15 hours.

The journey time between Oberwald and Realp via the new tunnel is about 30 minutes.

The tunnel also contributes geothermal energy*. Since the tunnel was built, around 5,400 litres of hot water have been used to supply Oberwald with energy every day.

Practical information

Direct access to the official website, train timetables and ticket reservations.

timetables, fares

Consult the timetable, conditions and prices for the Furka tunnel:

Pass and tunnel by train

You can directly access the information website of the two lines mentioned above:

Furka Pass
Furka Tunnel

The train in Switzerland

  • Map of the Swiss railway network and timetables by station:
Train, gare et tunnel
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