The Vaporetto is a river shuttle, managed by the Yachts of Lyon, which runs on the main tributary of the Rhône River, the Saône.

Vaporetto, from Old Lyon to Confluence

From the leisure and shopping centre of Confluence to the historic centre of Old Lyon, you can cross the city in a pleasant small motorised boat.

For a few euros per person, free for children under 7 years old, make your pedestrian journeys easier and treat yourself to a micro-cruise that will show you the city from a different angle, along the Saône.

The Vaporetto on the quays of the Saône in Lyon
The Vaporetto on the quays of the Saône in Lyon

Boarding points

The river shuttle offers several stops along the Saône, including

  • Place nautique in the Confluence district, next to the Rambaud port and at the foot of the shopping centre.
  • Left bank on the Quai Célestin at the Bonaparte bridge, near the Place Bellecour.
  • Right bank on the Quai de Bondy in the Saint-Paul district and towards theHôtel de Ville, not far from the Saint-Vincent pedestrian bridge and the Pont de la Feuillée.

In a maximum of 30 minutes, the river shuttle will take you from one end of the city to the other, from the most modern part of the city to its historic centre!

The frequency of trips varies according to the season and the time of day: consult the detailed timetable on the dedicated website to find out more and plan your trip.

Le Vaporetto navette de la Confluence entre Saône et Rhône

Map of Vaporetto stops

Embarkation, disembarkation, consult the location of the various Vaporetto landing stages and stops:

Les arrêts du Le Vaporetto à Lyon

The Vaporetto ?

Extract from the press release for the launch of the Vaporetto river shuttle which runs on the Saône from the Confluence district to the old town of Lyon:

Vaporetto timetable

To consult the timetable of the river shuttle on the Saône, visit the official website of Lyon Yachts:


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