Some pages on this site offer maps of hotels and rentals. Here are some practical tips for reading the maps, enlarging them or using the additional functions.


The map

The personalised maps used on this site have a number of features for reading and sharing. How do you use them?

Here’s the type of map you’ll find, especially when you’re looking for accommodation:

Map, instructions for use

Instructions for use

To move around the map or zoom in, you can use the same functions as usual with your mouse or touchpad on a computer, or with your fingers on a tablet or mobile phone (click/move or two fingers, pinch the map, etc.).

In addition, you can use the following map functions:

Zoom, full screen

essential for finding more hotels and rentals, the Zoom function lets you improve your choices as you get closer to your search location.

  • You can choose the scale of the map by zooming in, and the full-screen display with the following buttons (at the bottom right of the map):
Full screen: Hotels and rentals in Ardèche

Switch the map to full screen

Zoom: Hotels and rentals in Ardèche

Zoom the map in and out

  • In the top left-hand corner, enter the search information for your holiday:

In the search bar, you can indicate what you want:
Address, town or village, country, but also the département, region or tourist site you are looking for. A suggestion will be displayed as you enter your search.


  • Add filters: budget per night, type of accommodation, reviews, ratings, price, etc.

This feature allows you to refine your search even further.


  • Enter the number of people and, if applicable, the number of rooms:


  • Specify the desired date of your stay:

In the bottom right-hand corner, you can also :

Currency, language

  • Choose the currency and language in which you wish to search:

Click on this icon (bottom right of the map)

The following choice window will appear

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