Daniel Fiévet takes a video tour of the Rhône route, from the glacier to the Swiss border.

The Rhône route is a series of 5 episodes produced by Brut for the National Rhône Company(CNR) to discover the river from its source to its mouth.

Beyond the institutional aspect, it is a way to follow the course of the river in video and to discover some of its natural and industrial aspects, from the Furka Pass to the Camargue.

The Rhône route in Switzerland

At the source of the Rhône

In this first opus, it is at the foot of the Rhône glacier that our reporter begins his journey.
From the waterfalls to the stream to the river that runs through the first village, this is where the river is formed, with a first meeting with Sylvain Coutterand, a doctor in alpine geography.

After discovering the meandering glacier and explaining the formation of the river, the report takes off across Switzerland to the Chancy-Pougny dam, between the French and Swiss banks.

  • The Rhône route, episode 1 :

The reed beds of the lake

In this second episode, the report continues in the Lit au Roi lake, an arm of the Rhône. A leisure area, but also a natural area with reedbeds and numerous bird spaces that migrate and nest throughout the seasons.

  • The Rhône route, episode 2 :

A river and its city

After the natural spaces, the city, with a zoom on the port of Lyon, in activity since the time of the Romans and still in activity today, with the example of River’tri (French).

It is also an opportunity to take stock of the state of use and management of the Rhône River by the president of the CNR, Elisabeth Ayrault.

  • The Rhône route, episode 3 :

Energy mix and natural areas

The continuation of the Rhône route continues 170 kilometres downstream from Lyon in the Donzère-Mondragon natural wildlife reserve.

Between the historic Rhône and the river’s developed canal, a visit to a natural area and a meeting at the heart of the hydroelectric plant, with the solar park nearby.

  • The Rhône route, episode 4 :

The Camargue delta

Last stop on this quick video journey, the Camargue and the Rhône delta, at the river’s mouth on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Meeting with Leïla Meistertzheim, president of Plastic@Sea who is working with her team to quantify plastic pollution, and Marie-Cécile Grisard, director of the Initiatives pour l’Avenir des Grands Fleuves (IAGF).

  • The Rhône route, episode 5 :


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