Did you know that there are several teleworking and coworking spaces in the north and south of the Ardèche?

Here’s a quick reminder about these shared work spaces…


Coworking is a type of work organisation that combines two concepts:

A shared office space, but also a network of teleworkers encouraging exchange of skills and openness. It is one of the areas of the collaborative economy.

Source: wikipedia
coworking infographie

Who is it for?

For students, the self-employed, entrepreneurs, freelancers, mobile workers, company founders and teleworkers. Welcome to your third workplace in the northern Ardèche, just a few kilometres from the Rhône Valley.

Which spaces?

Depending on the location, you’ll find :

  • User-friendly room with connected screen or projector
  • Wired or wireless internet connection, with high-speed or very-high-speed access
  • Meeting area, coffee machine
  • Dining room equipped for your meals
  • Themed events
  • Other complementary services: reception, corporate concierge service, various rentals, etc.

Opening hours

Generally open non-stop on weekdays, sometimes with access by code after hours. Times vary according to the workspace and the organisation running it.

Where are they located?

In and around the Ardèche department, there are a number of workspaces open to you:

Ardèche Web