Vidalon is the business hub for the Annonay-Rhône conurbation, combining coworking facilities, training rooms, a business incubator and a business hotel.

Ever heard of Le Vidalon?

Here’s a look back at the development of this symbolic and unique site on the banks of the river Deûme on the Davézieux side of the Annonay-Rhône conurbation.

Originally a wheat mill that became a paper mill in the 15th century (written in 1557), Vidalon has been a site of industrial transformation and entrepreneurial innovation for almost 500 years!

A former industrial site turned business hub in the Deûme valley

In the 21st century, after a period of major restoration and ongoing development work, Vidalon has become the business hub of the Annonay-Rhône conurbation, with a coworking space, hotel and business incubator.

A little history…

Owned byAntoine Chelles and his family since 1689, the factory became the story of the Montgolfier brothers from 1702, with the introduction of Dutch cylinders and the invention of Vélin paper in 1777.

The Montgolfier sons became famous for theinvention of the first aerostat, the hot-air balloon, which was first tested in Vidalon, before Annonay, the states of Vivarais and then Paris.

It was in Vidalon thatEtienne de Montgolfier began making drawing paper, which was later perfected by his son-in-law Barthélémy de Canson, who gave his name to the famous brand known to artists and schoolchildren alike. The factory became royal in 1784 and was rebuilt and extended in 1815 by the Canson family.

Hot-air balloons above the former Canson factories, now home to MP Hygiène

A major industrial heritage site in the region and in the Deûme valley, the Vidalon site has lain fallow since the departure and closure of the Canson group’s factories at the end of the last century. Bought by the Annonay-Rhône Conurbation, the former royal factory has become a business development centre in tune with the times, following several years of renovation work.

Elected representatives and technicians from the Annonay-Rhône conurbation in front of the business incubator (2016)

Video presentation of Vidalon

How do I get to the Vidalon business park?

How do you get to Vidalon, the Annonay-Rhône conurbation’s hotel and business incubator in Davézieux, and how do you park and take the bus?

Hot-air balloon museum and Annonay-Rhône business centre

Access and location of Vidalon

You can get there in any way you want!

On foot, by bus, in a car pool or park your car near the business park. Here is an interactive map of bus stops, footpaths and car parks around Vidalon in Davézieux:

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