Ever heard of Vesseaux-Mère in the Ardèche?
It’s in the historic heart of the village of Vesseaux in the south of the département that a wonderful story of co-housing and shared offices, independent entrepreneurs and local associations was born in 2018.

After a search in the Drôme and Ardèche, the adventure began in 2018 when the building was purchased by 3 project owners from urban areas between Toulouse and Paris…

In the wake of the property acquisition, an association under the law of 1901 was set up to structure a large-scale project, pool expertise and support the development of this participative venture.

Vesseaux-Mère in the Ardèche

Located in the southern part of the Monts d’Ardèche Regional Nature Park, just outside Aubenas, the Vesseaux-Mère site offers 2,000 m2 of space, from existing offices and accommodation to communal areas and rooms undergoing renovation, including a courtyard planted with trees for reception and a garden in the making along an intermittent stream…

Today, just over a year after its birth, the space is home to around fifteen structures: freelancers, collectives and associations are the daily bedrock of this third place with its eclectic, cross-disciplinary activities.
Costume designers, soap makers, translators, music creators, illustrators, graphic designers, as well as media and artistic collectives, this is a multidisciplinary creative network.

Vesseaux-Mère in Ardèche : Studio

Of course, there’s a section dedicated to coworking, but workshops can also be run on site – just get in touch with the team to take advantage of them, whether you’re just passing through or do so on a more regular basis.

But Vesseaux-Mère is more than just a third place, a residence for creating and sharing work: it’s a coliving space where individual housing, communal areas and workshops combine planned development with the serendipity of encounters.

Vesseaux-Mère in Ardèche : Coworking

Whether you’re a local, passing through, in residence or working on a project, it’s a lively mix, both constructed and improvised, evolving according to the needs and resources of everyone involved.

At Le Vesseaux-Mère, you can already :

  • Cowork for a while or on a regular basis
  • Hire a workshop or office (if available)
  • Lead a meeting or group training course
  • Meet professionals in a wide range of activities

And much more in the future!
Training room, micro-fablab, shared garden, stage for self-expression…
The projects abound, just like the team, the entrepreneurs and the potential of the space.

Vesseaux-Mère in Ardèche : Atelier

To find out more, you can contact or meet the people involved in Le Vesseaux-Mère in Ardèche, either on site or via the Facebook page.

Where is Vesseaux-Mère?