Located in the Annonay-Rhône Agglo area, the collaborative workspace for teleworking and coworking is situated in the Vidalon business park, on the premises of the business incubator in Davézieux in the Ardèche.

Illustration: Aurélie Alléon @etpourquoipasla

Coworking in Annonay-Rhône

Tested in 2017 at the initiative of the association Territoire en Réseau in partnership with Annonay Rhône Agglo, the space offers a shared room connected to fibre optics.

Aimed at students, the self-employed, entrepreneurs, freelancers, mobile workers, company founders and teleworkers, it’s a friendly third place where you can connect freely in the heart of the northern Ardèche.

Available for the first trial phase (extract from the website):

  • User-friendly room with connected screen
  • Training and meeting rooms
  • Internet connection via very high-speed access
  • Meeting area with coffee machine
  • Fully equipped catering room
  • Themed events

To find out more, visit the Annonay-Rhône coworking space information page (French):



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