As you travel along the Rhône valley, you’ll be crossing landscapes and territories, with a variety of local radio stations.
Here’s a closer look at the radio stations available from the north to the south of the Ardèche department.

Radio d’ici : North Ardèche and Pilat

Created in 1996, the association Radio Piraillons has been broadcasting since 1997 with two frequencies in Pilat, one in Saint-Julien-Molin-Molette, the other in Burdignes and a third since 2006 in Annonay-Rhône, under the name Radio d’ici.

A radio station in Annonay-Rhône

Radio d’ici has two recording studios, one at the association’s head office in Saint-Julien-Molin-Molette, the other since 2016 in Annonay at the Média Pop premises in the town centre.

Over the past 20 years, the radio station has developed around 4 main themes:

  • Becoming the local radio station for the Annonay-Rhône and Monts du Pilat conurbation
  • Developing radio media work in schools
  • Providing radio training for individuals and groups
  • Create original and themed productions

Video presentation of Radio d’ici :

Radio d’ici frequencies

  • 105.7 FM in Saint-Julien-Molin-Molette
  • 95 FM in Burdignes
  • 106.6 FM in Annonay

To find out more, check out the programmes, listen again to the broadcasts and the schedule, here’s the website:

Déclic Radio in Hermitage-Tournonais

Déclic Radio is a community radio station based in Tournon-sur-Rhône, in northern Ardèche, with a focus on music.

It broadcasts mainly to the Hermitage-Tournonais conurbation, between the Drôme and Ardèche in the Rhône valley.

Déclic Radio is open to all from its station in Tournon-sur-Rhône town centre, and in particular to its listeners. The radio station offers to come and watch its broadcasts and also provides training in radio media

Déclic radio, the Pop Rock radio station.

Déclic radio aims to appeal to all pop/rock fans. It is also a station that is open to the world and its immediate environment. The Radio France International newsflash is just one example. As time goes by, you’ll discover programmes featuring local initiatives in the fields of sustainable development and solidarity economy.

There’s also a live web-radio station where you can listen to the programme live.

For more information, programmes, radio workshops and the magazine, visit the website:

France Bleu Drôme-Ardèche

France Bleu Drôme-Ardèche is the Radio France group’s bi-departmental radio station.

This local public service radio station is part of the group’s network of 45 local radio stations in France’s départements and regions.

Radio France Bleu Ardèche-Drôme

Local public radio

Connected to the region, France Bleu Drôme-Ardèche offers you local information every day through its radio programme schedule, available online and also as a podcast.

The radio website is organised around 5 themes: news, sport, programmes, music and leisure.

Find out more about live broadcasts, frequencies and the programme schedule on the website:

  • History of the France Bleu network ? Wikipedia

Fréquence 7, an offbeat radio station in Ardèche

Fréquence 7 is a community radio station broadcasting mainly from Aubenas in southern Ardèche.

They’re the ones who talk about it best..

Fréquence 7 was set up in 1981 by the De source Sûre association. Its aim is to give a voice to those involved in local community and socio-cultural life.

Fréquence 7 stands out for its original music programming, highlighting contemporary music and promoting independent labels.

Fréquence(s) 7

  • Pays Aubenas-Vals: 92 FM
  • Pays des Vans: 95.5 FM
  • Beaume-Drobie region: 91.2 FM
  • Ardèche gorges region: 93.5 FM

Find out more about Fréquence 7 radio on the website :

You can also listen to Fréquence 7 live:

Radio RCF Ardèche

RCF Ardèche is the Ardèche branch of Radio Chrétienne de France.

Formerly Radio Présence and Radio Vivarais, RCF Ardèche has been broadcasting in the department since 1986.

RCF broadcasts throughout the day, alternating between local programmes, including a bi-departmental Drôme-Ardèche news bulletin, and regional and national programmes.

RCF Ardèche frequencies

Find the frequencies in the different areas of the Ardèche department:

To find out more, access the national information page with and the regional versions of RCF:


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