Are you familiar with the parks and gardens in Annonay-Rhône and in the towns and villages of the conurbation?
Here’s a closer look at the main green spaces in the northern Ardèche.

The Annonay-Rhône conurbation is ideally located between the Rhône Valley and the fringes of the Pilat Regional Nature Park.

Above the cold mistral wind, the fog and the pollution of the Rhone valley, the urban area is at the gateway to unspoilt nature and an agri-tourism area rich in diversity.

But what about the parks and gardens, particularly those with sports facilities and children’s play areas?

The Parc Mignot in Annonay

Parks, gardens and green spaces in Annonay

4 parks in Annonay at your disposal

Annonay’s main public parks are located in the four corners of the town, some of which are open at certain times.

These are Parc de Déomas, Parc des Platanes, Parc Saint-Exupery and Parc Mignot.

There’s also a mini-walk with a panoramic view from the town centre towards Montmiandon, offering a 360° view of the town, the Rhône, Cance and Deûme valleys, Pilat and the Alps on a clear day.

You can also take a walk along the banks of the River Deûme, a green corridor in the heart of the town, from the Saint-Exupéry multimedia library.

Focus on Déomas park

Ever been to the Château and Parc Déomas in the hills aboveAnnonay?

The Déomas park is first and foremost a 19th century château built by Paul Seguin, which gave its name to a magnificent 13-hectare park on the heights of the town of Annonay.

This park, which is the largest landscaped green space in the commune and the Annonay-Rhône conurbation, boasts several species of tree, including plane, oak, chestnut, redwood, oak and cedar.

As well as the château, which has been home to the Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture (MJC) since September 2017, Parc Déomas also boasts a number of indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

There’s a stadium for rugby and football, a tennis court, a gymnasium for basketball and handball, and open-air weight training facilities.

It’s also a great place for everyone to go for a walk or a jog, or even to play on the lawns. The park is dog-free, so there’s no risk of poo for children of all ages!

Parc Déomas is also one of the main hot-air balloon take-off areas, with an almost daily rhythm in summer, when the weather is good and the wind permits.

Parc Déomas in Annonay-Rhône, hot-air balloon being prepared for take-off

There is a nearby bus stop on line 1 (Croix de Justice/Varagnes) and a large car park between the swimming pool and the supermarket.

Location of parks and gardens

Interactive map showing the city’s main green spaces:


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