On 20 July 2017, in Chroniques Sauvages on France Inter, Robert Arnaut offered to (re)broadcast a radio programme from 1996.

The Montgolfier brothers?

42 minutes devoted to the hot-air balloon and its inventors, the Montgolfier brothers, and the Annonay-Rhône region from which the first aerostat took to the skies…

It’s a poetic, historic and technical flight in a hot-air balloon that returns each year to the very place from which the Montgolfier brothers first took off, Annonay.

Guests on the radio programme

  • Xavier de Montgolfier: descendant of the Montgolfier brothers, Joseph and Étienne, inventors of the hot-air balloon.
  • Marie-Hélène Reynaud: curator of the Montgolfier Museum in Annonay
  • Jacques de Lavaux: author of a history of hot-air balloons from 1783 to the present day

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Hot-air ballooning in Annonay, Déomas park