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The Annonay market in the Ardèche is held twice a week: on Wednesday mornings at Place de la Liberté and on Saturday mornings at Place de la Liberté and Place de la Libération.

Town and village market

At the market in the largest town in the Ardèche, a host of local producers offer a wide range of fresh and processed produce:

Fruit, vegetables, organic produce, milk and cheese (from cows, goats and sheep), artisan breads, meats, fruit juices, honey, flowers and plants, local beer and even oysters direct from the Mediterranean during the season!

All the producers and sellers are present on Saturday mornings.

The Wednesday market is smaller, but there’s still plenty to tempt you with a well-stocked hamper.

The Annonay market, in the heart of the town

  • Poster presenting the market, Annonay town council:
Annonay Market

The Annonay market on video

The Annonay market is an institution for hundreds of locals who love good local produce, craftsmanship and impromptu encounters.
But do you know all its nooks and crannies?
Rediscover this symbol of the local culinary heritage through these images:

It’s not salads, video produced by Télà, a local participatory TV channel

Where and when are the markets in Annonay?

2 times a week, Place de la Liberté (Wednesday, Saturday) and Place de la Libération (Saturday), in the historic centre of Annonay.

Access map, itinerary

A free shuttle bus is available on Saturday mornings.

It runs every 30 minutes from 8am to 1pm between the Riboulon car park, the town centre and the Michelet car park.

  • Timetable for the free market shuttle


What was the Annonay market like in the last century?

The Annonay market, Place de la Liberté, at the beginning of the last century
The Annonay market, Place de la Liberté, at the beginning of the last century


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