What is the electric corridor of the CNR, Compagnie Nationale du Rhône?
A project of stations along the Rhône River to recharge electric cars, with CO2-free renewable energy production.

The electric corridor

The energy sources of the electrical corridor come from decarbonised energies, mainly via the production of hydro-electric power stations in symbiosis with the dams.

Already installed, under construction or planned, the CNR offers you the opportunity to discover the geographical areas of the Rhône valley with charging stations and geolocation points by town and village along the river.

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Pollution is a major issue in the Rhône Valley in the fight against global warming, which directly concerns the river and its source.

“(…) In order to promote electric mobility and thus contribute to the fight against global warming, CNR is building publicly accessible fast charging stations along the Rhône.”

CNR Electric Corridor [Map]

CNR Electric Corridor Map
Stations for electric cars in the Rhône valley

You can also consult the interactive map of the CNR, including the location of the recharging stations for electric vehicles in the Rhône valley:

The electricity corridor also has wind power along the Rhône River and wind farms in the west of France near the Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel.

The objective of the creation of this network of recharging stations for electric cars:

A progressive network along a major communication axis in Europe for the development of transport with reduced environmental impact and without CO2.

Move in Pure ?

The electricity distributed via the Move in Pure offer is marketed exclusively by ENALP, a subsidiary of CNR, and the charging stations are managed by the company Freshmile.

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