The Artonik company, with the support of Quelques p’Arts, presented a street show in Annonay inspired by the Hindu festival of colours, The Color of Time, all music and dance.

To celebrate the arrival of summer and the diversity of the world, the colour of time invites us to share an explosion of chromatic joy, returning to the simplicity of the festival with a moving creation in the town’s main street, bringing the audience together with the actor-dancers and musicians

Rediscover the highlights of this great moment of joy and dance in Annonay with The colour of time by Artonik.

Color of Time, Annonay 2015

Take a look back at this unique street performance in Annonay-Rhône in the Ardèche:

Did you experience first-hand the magical event that is the Fête des Colours in the centre of Annonay in the Ardèche department in the Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne region?

Find out where this creation comes from and how it was organised in the Annonay area with the company Artonik and the association Quelques p’Arts

  • Color of Time by Artonik and Quelques p’Arts, the genesis of a show
  • Where was the festival of colours, Color of Time?

In Annonay town centre, from Avenue de l’Europe, the street show, to Place des Cordeliers, the stage for the final musical performance!