Ever heard of the schoolchildren’s trail in Annonay-Rhône in the Ardèche? An urban hike to discover the town from school to school.

The schoolchildren’s trail in Annonay

Initiated by teachers several years ago, the “chemin des écoliers” is a pedestrian route through the streets of Annonay.

This urban path links all the schools together to encourage people to walk as part of an urban eco-mobility approach: encouraging pedestrian travel between home and school, and offering a daily walking route for residents or a discovery trail for visitors to the Annonay-Rhône conurbation.

The schoolchildren's trail in Annonay-Rhône

Because of its geography and its industrial activity on the river, Annonay has long been a pedestrianised town.

Whether it’s to get to the factories, via the chemin des papetiers or the escalier des tanneries for example, or to go to school or to the shops in the town centre, the many staircases and footpaths, more or less well maintained, that dot the urban landscape bear witness to this.

The car as an only means of transport is a recent phenomenon, having emerged at the end of the last century, with its share of developments, such as the construction of car parks and the covering of the River Deûme.

The lack of exercise, the trend towards excess weight in public health and environmental concerns for the future of our children and the planet are all prompting us to give more thought to walking in the city, in addition to improving traffic flow and facilities for bicycles, whether electric (VAE) or not, depending on the user.

The “chemin des écoliers” is a first initiative in this direction, which is positive for pedestrians of all ages and in particular for the daily journeys made by children with their parents to school.

View on Annonay,  historical town center

About the chemin des écoliers

Why not discover it for yourself?

  • Information leaflet on Annonay’s urban trail and footpaths, available to view and download:
  • Map of the schoolchildren’s path
  • Extract from the Annonay town magazine, which featured the two schoolchildren’s footpaths:
Chemin des écoliers Annonay

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