Have you heard of Atelier de la Chapelle? Located in Annonay’s historic town centre, this artisanal business restores chairs, makes curtains and hangs wall hangings, offering a full range of upholstery services.

From her workshop-boutique in Annonay’s historic quarter, Anne Vielle advises and designs bespoke pieces to meet the needs and projects of her customers, both private and professional.

Anne Vielle, Atelier de la Chapelle in Annonay

A recent arrival in the Annonay-Rhône urban area in the Ardèche, Anne Vielle is one of a growing number of creative craftspeople in the area, particularly in the priority district of Haut de Ville.

In addition to her growing local visibility, since 14 December 2017 she has been one of 4 regional France Active and Initiative France winners, with the “neighbourhoods” prize.

To find out more about this competition and discover the winners’ profiles, visit theAuvergne-Rhône-Alpes Active website :

Congratulations on this regional recognition, which rewards unique expertise and long-term work to set up a successful craft business in a rapidly changing neighbourhood!

The Chapelle workshop

A few colour photos of the workshop and its expertise

To find out more about Anne Vielle and her Atelier de la Chapelle, visit her website:


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