When will you have fibre to the home? Ardèche Drôme Numérique (ADN) offers you an online eligibility tool to find out when fibre to the home will be rolled out in your town, village or neighbourhood.

Ardèche Drôme Numérique?

The mixed syndicate ADN, for Ardèche Drôme Numérique, was set up in 2007 by the départements of Ardèche and Drôme and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

Since then, the local authorities concerned, communities of communes and conurbations, have also joined the public entity.

Map of the Ardèche Drôme Numérique project

The aim is to ensure, support and co-ordinate the roll-out of fibre optics across the bi-departmental territory, in order to support the digital development policy.

ADN in video

Fibre for all, a quick explanation in pictures:

Initially, priority was given to the overall digital development of the region, in particular the connection of distribution frames and the equipping of business parks, to improve overall access to telecommunications in the region.

Faster ADSL, better quality mobile phones, HSBB for businesses, schools and administrations… in 10 years, several thousand kilometres of optical fibre have been installed across the Ardèche and Drôme to optimise the territorial coverage.

Simplified diagram of the ADN project

Fibre to the home

Since the start of this gigantic project, one of the largest in France, the question has been asked repeatedly: when will I have fibre to the home?

After an initial 10-year phase to connect telephone exchanges, businesses, schools and government offices, the new goal is fibre optic for all by 2025.

In practical terms, this means connecting homes and individuals to very high-speed broadband, with 97% of homes covered in areas not covered by private operators.

So how does it work?

From the connection point to the home, work on your fibre optic connection will take place in both the public and private sectors:

What about your home?

There are several stages involved in getting you connected to fibre.

To find out the details and key points, visit the dedicated page:

Over and above these stages, even if work has not yet started in your town or village, you can already get ready for it.

Another french information page explains how you can prepare for the arrival of fibre, depending on whether you are a homeowner or a tenant.

Here’s a practical example with the information sheet for residents of blocks of flats or private housing estates:

Finally, if you would like to know the provisional timetable for the roll-out of fibre near you, an interactive page allows you to test your eligibility by entering your postal address:

To find out more, you can also consult the ADN french documentation area or the official french presentation article.


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